Self Sufficiency and Emergency Support Programs

 Senior Engagement Program

Enhanced job readiness programs to prepare individuals returning to the workforce or entering it for the first time. Our customers are provided with training and employment support services customized to their needs preparing them for today's job market.

(Select each program to view details)

-Career Navigation and Employment Assistance Program
-Entrepreneurial Coaching and Development Program
-Business Development Mentoring Program
-Re-Employment Assistance Program
-Men's and Women's Warehouse-Dress for Success Program
-Workforce Training Site Program - OAR, NCOA, EYE

Youth  are engaged in a variety of learning activities centered around science, technology, reading, engineering, arts and mathematics including various community series projects. 

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-After School Program
Inspiration Through Art Program
-Service Community Learning Program
-Stepping into Healthcare Program
-Mentoring Program
-Summer Meals Program
-Excel Youth Program KBS
-Going Green Program
-School Success (Tutoring) Program
-Teen Body Awareness Program
-STREAM Program
-Internship Learning Program
-James and Marguerite Mott Scholarship Program


Transportation Program

Provides transportation services to qualified customers. (Select each program to view details)

-Food Delivery Assistance Program
-Transportation Access Support Services Program
-Group Transportation Support Services Program
-Outreach Transportation Support Services Program

A wide-range of learning resources for employment and academic opportunities. (Select each program to view details)

-Professional Certification Program
-Leadership Development Program
-Keys to Communication Work and Life Program
-Life Skills Management Program
-Internship/Learning Program
-English as a Second Language Program (ESL)
-James And Marguerite Mott Scholarship Program

Education and Training Program

This  program is designed to stimulate our elderly customers to engage in a variety of activities.  (Select each program to view details)

-Senior Morale Development Activities Program
-Transportation Services Program
-Senior Focus Group Discussions Program

 Youth Development Program

Health and Nutrition Program

Workforce Development Program

We provide supportive services to assist low income and underserved communities in the region to achieve self-sufficiency.  JMCAPs self-sufficiency program provides the greatest possible support for all of its customers. (Select each program to view details)

Self Sufficiency Residential Program 

-Crisis Intervention and Stabilization Program
Food Supplement and Distribution Program
-Resource Counseling Referral Services Program
-Client Advocacy Services Program
-Housing Referral Assistance Program
-Utilities/Rental Assistance Program

This program offers a variety of resources through our network of partners providing support services to our customers.  Services are by appointment only. (Select each program to view details)

-Cancer Health Screening Program
-Chronic Disease Health Program
-Health IT Exchange Program
Vision Screening and Care Program