Extended Services Areas

•Prince Williams
•Loudon County
•Fauquier County

For over 30 years, JMCAP has been providing services to families positively impacting the entire community.  JMCAP feeds over 100 families (and approximately as many as 1,000 clients) each week to include delivery to community Centers (James Mott Community Center), HIV/AIDS facilities and clients who are ill and/or disabled and unable to pick up from its facility.  Our self-sufficiency program includes direct assistance, vision prescription assistance clothing and shelter, emergency and supplemental food services, self-sufficiency workshops, resource programs to include; health, workforce development and life skills management, promoting improved healthy life styles, improved quality of life and overall economic stability.

As a Veteran founded and operated organization, the James Mott Community Assistance Program’s mission is to provide families with goals to focus on self-sufficiency that will create individual and family independence. The agency advocates prevention and early crisis intervention to nurture the safety, health and well-being of low-income youth, adults and elderly in at-risk communities.