Type Ms. Blake holds a B.A. in Criminology from St. Thomas University. She has an extensive background in the Court System with a focus in the area of Family Law. She is adept in the areas of Program Development, Design, and Implementation. Ms. Blake has gained valuable knowledge related to a wide-range of social-based Programs and Services from Federal through Community levels which has proven to be an asset in networking with both government and community agencies. She is committed to providing clients with exceptional service that is inclusive and nondiscriminatory. She is practiced in advocacy, system navigation, and coordinating with a multidisciplinary team. Her passion is people, and she is driven to assist the most vulnerable of populations achieve success by breaking barriers and approaching all with respect and kindness.your paragraph here.

vanessa blake, advisor to the board of executive directors

Mr. Hahm is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University with a Masters in Biomedical Engineering.  His career has been almost exclusively in the education industry.  More specifically, he founded (in 1998) and served as CEO of Yale Academic Institution, which was the one of the largest education providers in the Washington DC area.  He currently provides robotics and STEM education, test preparation, academic consulting, and educational research for Washington DC Metropolitan area.  He is now back at his classroom and work full time to develop this exciting new project. He is also currently the President of Googol Education located in Springfield, Virginia and also the President of Cresco, Inc., a thriving construction company also based in Springfield, Virginia.

Ms. Hodge is a committed professional with over 15 years of experience in financial business principles and practice to include an extensive background in financial management, financial posture reporting, budget estimates, supplemental budget requirements, federal and state financial reporting, invoicing, grant and contract development, budget analysis, and basic accounting and tax services.  A graduate of University of Maryland with a Masters in Business Administration and a Masters in Nonprofit Management. Ms. Hodge has performed multi-level financial management functions and has identified required financial resources for organizational growth. 

Mr. Diggs is a military veteran with an extensive background in Business Development and Information Technology. Taking the lead on various Boards for community-based organizations that address the social, economic, and political awareness needs in disadvantaged communities, he has demonstrated strong commitment to mentorship and a passion for helping people. He currently holds a position in an Information Technology Project with the United States Department of Homeland Security, where he has excelled over the past 8 years. As a natural entrepreneur, he pursues several business ventures in his spare time. 

Mr. Purnell has over 16 years of Program Management Operations experience. A graduate of Morgan State University and the Army Logistics University, he has served as a principle logistics planning advisor and consultant to various US and Foreign Corporations, US Government, Civilian, Non-Profit, and Private Sector corporations. He has held various Board positions for community-based organizations focused on addressing economic disparities in disadvantaged communities. He is the President and CEO of Triax Consulting Group, a Logistics Management Consulting Firm dedicated to developing new strategic partnerships to optimize operations. Mr. Purnell has served in many leadership positions and has a strong passion for community service.