We depend on support from the community to improve the lives of families and individuals from all walks of life with our various services to help them return to a stable family life.  


Our vision is to meet the needs of those who are truly in need of a helping hand, resulting in a self-sufficient, healthy community. 

James Mott Community Assistance Program, Inc. has served the community for over 30 years in an effort to carry out the legacy of founder James Sebastian Mott—a kind, soft-spoken, compassionate man with a commitment for community service and justice that rivaled the most visible African American leaders of his time. Mr. Mott was driven by difficult challenges as an Arkansas native who was raised during the time of segregation. He received his undergraduate degree from Howard University followed by a law degree from the Howard University School of Law after serving in the United States Navy during World War II.

During the mid-sixties, Mr. Mott and his wife, Marguerite, were denied entry to Lake Fairfax Park. As a result, Mr. Mott sued and won equal access to County facilities for all African Americans. While fighting this battle, Mr. Mott and his wife received numerous threats to their personal safety. Nevertheless, Mr. Mott worked tirelessly traveling the dirt roads of his community, organizing citizens to combat the lack of sewer lines, paved streets, and street lights.  Mr. Mott was well known by Local Government Officials as he was the driving force in the community and never hesitated to address the issues effecting the County.

Mr. Mott’s compassion was brightest when he fought for and provided services for children. The children that attended the local community center, named for him and his wife for their life-long community service, became his surrogate family. Due to lack of public swimming facilities within his immediate community, Mr. Mott built an in-ground swimming pool adjacent to his home so that children could have a focal point for summer water activities.


We offer several assistance programs that help those within our community. All programs are free to qualified persons.